Top 6 PS4 First-World Problems

The PS4. It’s big, beautiful, beast of a machine. It can do things that a 10 year old me would only thought possible in Star Wars. But alas I’m a creature of habit, and a lazy one at that. While somethings are amazing there’s always things I’ll find to complain about. Here are 5 First-World problems of being a PS4 gamer

  1. 500gb hard drive = not enough space.

Coming off the back of a 60gb PS3, I heard the news of a 500gb hard drive and I was overjoyed. ‘I’ll never fill that’ I naively thought. What stupid past me didn’t realise was that games would come with 40gb plus compulsory installs! That adds up to a grand total of about 10 games that I can have installed at any one time. That’s not a lot for a hoarder like me! I have a library of like 60 ps3 and xbox 360 games! There’s no where near enough room for that on the PS4! I don’t want to be deleting and reinstalling constantly! I have no room to download any games either! It’s like Sony doesn’t want my money!

2. Pad Battery Life

imagesOne thing that annoys me about the modern life we live in, is the fact that the people who make batteries (he says with complete authority) can’t seem to keep up with the fast-moving nature of technology. Seriously you only seem to get about 4 hours out of the PS4 pad before I’ve got to sit close to the screen like I’ve lost my glasses! Used to get like 3 days out of the PS2 pads.

3. CDs don’t work

I found this out recently, and as a man who still has a lot of CDs and listens to them a lot, this frustrates me. Sony have suddenly decided that CDs are the new VHS. This really annoys me because I did look forward to transferring my songs and getting a bit of a playlist going for a FIFA session. But Sony put a stop to that!

4. Everyone wants me to make an account

This one isn’t just for games but for seemingly everything these days. Everyone wants me to make an account or sign-up for this or that. Want to play Assassin’s Creed don’t forget your Uplay account! I’ll just pop onto FIFA, wait can’t forget my Origin account oh and don’t forget our terrible app! It’s too many accounts! I can’t keep track of it all. I spend more time making accounts then playing the actual game!

5. Online multiplayer killed the split screen star!

I get it! Online multiplayer is awesome! I can as easily be destroyed on Call of Duty by a 10 year old French kid as by his English equivalent. But don’t destroy the split screen market! Sometimes I don’t want to have to buy another PS4 and another TV to play a game with my girlfriend who shares a room with me. I’ve not suddenly inherited Brewsters Millions!

6. Updates updates!

Yes updates are brilliant. We no longer live in the age of being stuck with the game in the box. But on the flip side, I turn on my PS4: ‘Oh its got a 30 minute update’. Think I’ll play Dragon Age: ‘Oh its got a 4 hour update that means I’ll get to play it at 3am! Awesome!’ And yes I could play it without the update, but I have a OCD about playing something not updated. I’m sure I’d be the one to find the game breaking glitch. Not to mention these downloads take up more of my already limited hard drive space!

Have you noticed any First-World problems with your gaming platform of choice?

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2 Responses to Top 6 PS4 First-World Problems

  1. Maclad1888 says:

    Couldn’t agree more with every point you’ve made the biggest one for me is the controller battery life it’s terrible , it’s such a shame because I’m forever slagging the m8s off because of there Xbox brick but at least they don’t have the issue , the 500 gb space as well is to little like you say 8 or 10 games stored isint enough, I’m happy otherwise with the console but these 2 issues are a pain ….

  2. Storage, storage, storage… That’s my biggest issue at the moment. I’ll need to swap out the drive to a 2 terabyte model when it’s financially viable but I fear that even that won’t be enough. I hate having to redownload old titles when the urge to play them hits, and of course then have to reinstall the copious amounts of updates before I can jump back in. I pine for the old days when it was as simple as swapping discs, one benefit the 360 had over the PS3.

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