Preacher – Thoughts on the upcoming series


A few months back, I sat back and over the course of a week or two, read the entire Preacher (Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion) graphic novel series. Being more than a bit into my graphic novels, I’d come across Preacher a few times and heard a lot about what a fantastic series it was, but I don’t think I was quite prepared to be reading the funniest piece of literature I’d ever set my muggy grubs on.

The loveable arse himself

The loveable arse himself

It’s next to impossible to describe just what you get with Preacher. In essence it’s a revenge story of a Preacher out to enact some justice on a God that has abandoned Earth. But that doesn’t nothing to mention an Irish Vampire, a character by the name of Arseface, an undead Angel of Death, a 700+ pound bulimic that heads up a secret, government controlling, organisation and much much more.

There is not a single novel, graphic or otherwise, that I’ve laughed longer and harder at. There’s also very few graphic novels that are able to tell such an engaging story, which include real strong character and relationship development.

A few weeks after finishing the series I, very excitedly, discovered that AMC were adapting Preacher into a tv show and a trailer had been released!

After watching the trailer I was left a little concerned

Now don’t get me wrong, as much Preacher is about humour, it is also about violence, revenge and pain. It’s about the impact that a life of violence has, both for those that lead it and those who are caught in the wake of it. But I was disappointed that no real humour was captured in the trailer. The worst thing in the world would be for Preacher to be gutted of its core like so many other adaptions we’ve seen in the past.

Now one thing that does give me confidence in the series is the casting choices. There is no one more appropriate to play Cassidy, the womanizing Irish vampire, than Joe Gilgun, who is probably most famous for playing the pants-wettingly funny Rudy in the Channel 4 show Misfits.

Joe Gilgun channelling my feelings upon finishing the Preacher trailer

Joe Gilgun channelling my feelings upon finishing the Preacher trailer

I also have every confidence that Dominic Cooper (The Devil’s Double, My Week with Marilyn) will be an excellent Jesse Custer as will Ruth Negga as Tulip. Futhermore having Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg directing, who have thus far created a pretty decent track-record with comedy, has me more assured.

I sincerely hope we see Preacher fulfil its potential because AMC has a goldmine on its hands.


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1 Response to Preacher – Thoughts on the upcoming series

  1. doddman24 says:

    I loved this series except for its end, hope the show does it justice

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