Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Review

After Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare was such a pleasant surprise for me, Garden Warfare 2 was always on my radar. Garden Warfare 2 builds on the success of the first one in a lot of ways, but it also falls back in a few.

New Hub

One of the biggest changes is the fact that the menu’s of the last game have been replaced with a hub world. This change is very welcome as it comes with a lot of new additions. In Garden Warfare 2 you have quests, given to you by leaders of the two factions. These quests form the basis of a story mode, and gives the player a taste of the gameplay and useful tactics for playing online. These quests are honestly very fun, like me, you’ll probably find yourself addictively blasting through quest after quest in your first couple hours of gameplay and completely neglect online.

The quests however don’t last too long and definitely leaves you wanting more. Hopefully we’ll see more quests in the form of DLC.

New characters

The new characters introduced are a really breath of fresh air and a great change of pace. On the zombie side you’ve got the superhero, who gets in close and personal and bashes faces. You’ve also got the imp, who’s fast and mobile and has the ability to call down a robotic suit that is incredibly tough and dangerous. In addition to those two you get the pirate who plays similarly to the scientist but with some interesting power ups, including a devastating barrel bomb, that you control (including when it explodes).

The Corn on the Cob is great for surpression but his lack of mobility lets him down.

The Corn on the Cob is great for surpression but his lack of mobility lets him down.

On the plant side you’ve got the corn on the cob which plays very similarly to the american football player of the zombies. You’ve also got the citrus which can morph into a ball for a quick getaway and finally the rose which turns people into goats.

They’re great additions to the cast and all are very fun to use. Unfortunately they’re unbalanced.

Zombie Domination

This year it feels like the zombies are very much on top. Not so much in the standard team death match, but in the all-encompassing Turf Takeover (the mode in which you battle for territory; one side defending, the other attacking). This year, unlike the last edition, the zombies can be the ones defending, which is a welcome addition, except for the fact that it’s next to impossible to defeat even a half-decent team of zombies. I fear the new characters have swung the balance. Specifically the Imp, who, when small, is very hard to hit and when encased in a machine Gundam would be proud off, is an absolute wrecking machine.

That’s not to say it’s not fun, when it’s plants defending it can be a really fun back and forth game that often goes to the wire.

Is it worth it?

If you liked the last one there’s a lot to like here. It hasn’t changed a massive amount (for good and bad) and the new additions make a nice change of pace. I don’t think I’ll put as many hours into this one as I did the last one, as the novelty has worn off slightly and the changes can make for a frustrating play at times, but it’s still unique and makes for a really fun experience.

Have you managed to play Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 yet? If so, let me know your thoughts on the game, in the comments down below.

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