FIFA 16 – Tips for winning the FUT draft

FUT Draft is easily the most addictive addition to this years FIFA. I’ve had over 25 entries and I still come back again and again with the same excitement. I absolutely adore the team building and getting to use a purple Ronaldo or an orange Suarez really is a luxury. In those entries I’ve had some success, I’ve made the final at least 10 times and I’ve manage to win it here and there. So here’s some tips I’ve picked up that will hopefully help you secure those 50 and 100k packs.

433 would be my choice here

433 Defend would be my choice here

5. Pick a 4 back formation

It may seem like common sense but you need security in your back four. With the high level cards you’re going to come up against, a solid defense is essential. However don’t go 5 at the back. This year 5atb back is easily the worst it’s ever been. The way passing works, picking 5atb is pretty much a death sentence. You’ll be trapped in your own half and be thrown out in the first round with nothing to show for it.

4. Pick a formation with wingers

You get a ton of wingers in the draft. Plenty of times I’ve had to leave an IF Reus or IF Di Maria unused because I’ve got so many options. If you pick a formation without wingers you’re probably going to struggle to get the best team possible. While Ronaldo is obviously brilliant as a super sub, you want him to be starting if possible.

3. Flood the midfield

The midfield is the most important section in any team in FIFA. To maintain possession and to avoid being overwhelmed you need bodies in the midfield. I’d recommend you pick a formation with 3 or 4 central midfielders. Avoid 41212(2) and the like because you end up with the CDM being the only protection and the midfield gets too split apart.

2. Build the first 11 first.

A lot of players like to start with the bench, but in the times I’ve tried that I always end up messing up with my chemistry. The fact of the matter is that until you’ve started putting in your crucial players (the front 3 and back 4 mainly) you don’t know what team you’re building into. You don’t want 3 half teams that falls apart at the first attack and you don’t want to be forced to play Mertersacker because you choose to take a Sterling when you didn’t need him.

If you have this suarez on the bench wait for the right time to sub him on!

1. Save your super subs until the 60th minute

I know the temptation is there to use all your superstars as soon as the game starts but honestly it is a waste. The likes of Sturridge, Benzema, Vela etc really are fine and can do a job. Then when the second half wears on and the legs get tired, that’s the time to bring out the big guns and finish off your opponent. This becomes especially vital if the game goes to extra time.

I hope these tips helped and let me know in the comments down below what your tips are for winnign the draft.

P.S. Save your rewards for Team of the Season coming in 2 weeks!

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3 Responses to FIFA 16 – Tips for winning the FUT draft

  1. Jamie Wu says:

    I just got into FUT recently. Would you recommend a new player who doesn’t intend to spend real money on the game to play the FUT draft? Seems like it has quite a steep entry price.

    • No definitely not. If you’re an inexperienced player than you’re going to be left disappointed (Though using the high rated players is nice). For it to pay out reasonably you need to win a minimum of 2 games in a row which definitely isn’t easy on this game.

      For new players I would always recommend avoiding packs and the Fut Draft altogether. Go through divisions and build an increasingly better squad. That is always incredibly fun; building your own legends, especially for those new to the game.

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