My Funko Pop Collection Part 2: TARDIS & Marvel

Here is part two of the showcase of my Funko Pop collection. It was originally just going to feature my little Marvel set but since I’ve made an addition to my Doctor Who collection I thought I’d throw that in as well.


The TARDIS really is the centrepiece of my collection. It’s bigger than any other Funko Pop and only a couple of quid more expensive. To me it is the most important piece beyond The Doctor himself, so I was delighted to get the TARDIS as a Christmas present.

The only disappointment with the TARDIS is that the inside isn’t decorated. Now while I don’t expect it to bigger on the inside (despite my dreams) I coat of paint to make it appear that way wouldn’t have gone a miss


The Marvel collection is ever expanding, though I feel this is a good start. I still aim to add Thor, Ant-Man and Spider-Man among one or two others. One thing that I do like about the Marvel set is that they are proper bobble heads and so are perfect for the car or work desk.

Look out for part 3 coming soon!

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1 Response to My Funko Pop Collection Part 2: TARDIS & Marvel

  1. TragicBronson says:

    Funko Pop’s are so addictive 😛 I got a bunch of DC ones (mostly Batman) and I always tell myself; well I’m not going to buy anymore and still whenever I see one that isn’t too expensive I end up picking it up

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