5 Of The Best FIFA Songs Of All Time

These days FIFA is more of a hate-hate than love-hate relationship. This years edition is probably the most rage-inducing edition yet but one thing EA always seem to get right is the soundtrack. Throughout the years FIFA has featured many legendary bands and singers from Kasabian, Beck, Muse, Keane, Chase and Status, TV on the Radio and a whole lot more. Here’s my list of 5 of the best songs from any and every FIFA I’ve played (which dates back to FIFA 98) and, as in my Top 5 FIFA 16 songs, i’ll link it to a famous player I think the song most correlates to.

5. Caesars – Jerk it Out – FIFA 2004

The flagship song of FIFA 2004, Caesars ‘Jerk it Out’ is incredibly catchy and just makes you bounce up and down. It’s puts you in the right frame of mind just to have a relax with and not take the game too seriously.

If this song was a player it would be: Edgar Davids – Silky smooth player with lots of flair.

4. Dizzee Rascal – Stand up Tall – FIFA Street

Now perhaps FIFA Street shouldn’t be on this list, but I had to include it for this song alone. I wasn’t overly impressed by the FIFA Street soundtrack and this was by far the standout for me. This bubbly and addictive song introduced me to the legend that is Dizzee Rascal and I’ve never looked back since.

If this song was a player it would be: Jimmy Bullard – Cheeky





3. Dan Black – Wonder – FIFA 11

Dan Black was a wonderfully unique voice and he’s another gem that FIFA has introduced me to. Wonder is one of Dan’s best songs and really captures his talent.

If this song was a player it would be: Zinedine Zidane – A once in a generation talent.

2. OK KID – Am Ende – FIFA 14

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really explored the genre of German rap. But this song made me keen to. I don’t understand a word but that doesn’t stop me rapping along.

If this song was a player it would be: Thomas Muller – Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.








1. Saint Motel – Just My Type – FIFA 15

This is FIFA in party mode. This is a 32 mate tournament, with explicitly no sweaty players, but you’ve sneaked Doumbia on the bench and no one has noticed.

If this song was a player it would be: Cristiano Ronaldo – Not only is he fairly good at kicking a ball he looks like he should be modelling perfumes and he does!

What are some of your favourite songs from FIFA? Let me know in the comments down below.

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1 Response to 5 Of The Best FIFA Songs Of All Time

  1. Jamie Wu says:

    I love Just My Type too! Some of my favorite FIFA songs are Song 2 and Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue.

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