10 of the best TV comedy characters

These guys are guaranteed to get you rolling on the floor every time you switch on. You cannot beat a bit of comedy and I’ve watched my fair share over the years. Here’s my 10 favourite characters, in no particular order, who always have me in tears. (Note: No animations though, so your Cartman’s and Homer’s are for another list)

10. Maurice Moss (IT Crowd)

The lovable nerd with no common sense. Him and his best friend Roy (who could have easily been included on this list) are the epitome of awkward and there interactions with their boss Douglas Renham (and previous Denham Renham) are always brilliant.

Best Moment:

9. Michael Scott (The Office US)

Who wouldn’t want this guy for a boss? Yeah he’s terrible at his job and he’ll make you feel uncomfortable every day, but he cares about his workforce, which is all that matters really!

Best Moment:

8. JD (Scrubs)

JD and Turk have got to have the best bromance in all television history. Don’t know if I’d want them operating on me though.

Best Moment:

7. Bubbles (Trailer Park Boys)

Who’s got your belly? Bubbles, that’s who and there aren’t many other people who can have your belly erupting with laughter in the way Bubbles can

Best Moment:

6. Del Boy (Only Fools and Horses)

Genius before his time, if only Del Boy had access to the internet, he’d have made a million in a few months I’m sure.

Best Moment:

5. Fraser (Bad Education)


Best Moment:

4. Jim (Friday Night Dinner)

The nightmare neighbour. His love for Wilson is commendable though, despite the owner/pet roles being reversed pretty much.

3. Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

No one does cringe better than Larry David and what’s scary is it’s all believable! Larry is almost always right, but is invariably crushed anyway. Poor Larry

Best Moment:

2. G.O.B Bluth (Arrested Development)

All G.O.B tries to do is impress his family. Unfortunately that almost always ends up in him embarrassing himself. He’s a good magician though, he made a boat disappear!

1. Hal (Malcolm in the Middle)

Before he was running a successful meth business, he was raising his four crazy children. Probably good training

That’s my 10. What do you make of the list? Is there any characters I missed of? Let me know in the comments down below.






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2 Responses to 10 of the best TV comedy characters

  1. mrin7 says:

    Chandler Bing the KING of sarcasm!

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