Why do you write? Why do you blog?

This isn’t the first blog I’ve started. I started another when I was still at school, as an attempt for me and my friend to show our writing talents to the world. This was going back a good 10 years, without social media, so as you can probably guess, No one read it. Well apart from me and my few friends. It lasted a month maybe before teenage things got in the way and it blew away on an ocean of awkwardness, forever lost in the vast echoes of the internet. Maybe it is still there, maybe not, I’ve never since cared to look.

I had a lot of spare time then, as many teenagers do, and something I’ve found is that when I have loads of time about me, I have this unbearable compulsion to write. During my time at Uni I wrote tons of short stories, or concepts for screenplays and novels, when I wasn’t writing essays of course.

This blog was birthed out of frustrations at my own circumstances. Up until recently I was unemployed and again had plenty of spare time to create. Now I’m once again happily employed I feel like this blog will slowly trickle off into obscurity and that’s not what I want. This will be my first post in almost a week, when one or two months ago, I was posting daily. But I’m determined not to give on this one and I fully intend to get my rate up to at least 3 posts a week

The thing is, I’m very proud of this blog. It may not have much of a following or many people who read it, but I’m proud of the fact that I’ve built and upheld this for just about 4 months, which is longer than my other writing projects tend to last. I’m proud of the content and I would even talk about it in job interviews.

It’s got me thinking about what drives me and other bloggers to write, especially in the face of obscurity. For me, writing has always been an outlet. A way to let out ideas, to be creative. There’s fun in crafting a particularly vivid sentence. I also have really enjoyed the community aspect of blogging. I like supporting other writers, especially those just starting out, that might need that encouragement to continue to create.

I had ideas in setting up this blog about being niche and at times, specifically in my FIFA content, I do feel like I have a unique spin but it was also important to me to not be limited in my writing. I like writing about Pop Culture because it’s a massive portion of my life, I watch tons of films, read constantly and I’m always on the PS4. But if I couldn’t write a piece like this, than I’d be pretty frustrated.

Anyway for my fellow bloggers out there, why do you write? Vote in the poll and leave me a comment, if you’d be so kind.

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5 Responses to Why do you write? Why do you blog?

  1. P.J. says:

    I’m much the same as you. I blog because I need an outlet both for my urge to write in general, and for all the thoughts and opinions I have knocking around my head. Blogging is a good pressure-release valve if you’re like me and you have too many thoughts for your own good, and a need for somewhere to put them.

  2. It sounds corny but to not write is unfathomable to me, I’ve always turned to the written word to express myself and blogging is the ideal platform to express my opinions to a wider audience. Plus the blogging community is incrediybsupportivevand comprised of cool people with similar interests like yourself 😉

  3. *Incredibly supportive… Mobile phones aren’t really conducive to crafting good prose, lol

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