My Top 5 TV On The Radio Songs

TV On The Radio are a band that I absolutely adore. I became a fan from hearing ‘Will Do’ on FIFA and then seeing ‘DLZ’ used brilliantly in that iconic Breaking Bad scene in which Walter says that famous line: ‘stay out of my territory.’ Since then I’ve bought all the albums I could get my hands on and have been jamming along constantly. They are capable of such soul and such variety that it really amazes me at time. Here’s my top 5

5) DLZ

First up its the aforementioned ‘DLZ’. What I love about this how it starts of really slow and brooding but gradually builds and builds into action and intensity. It just moves so great and works so well. It completely matches Walter’s mood in that scene and it made a huge impression on me.

Favourite Lyric: This is beginning to feel like the dawn of the loser forever’

4) Staring at the Sun

This starts of with a slow burning rumble, then it starts ticking and it just really gets rocking. It has this sophistication to it that just oozes cool.

Favourite Lyric: Quietly pour out like light / Like light, light answering the sun’

3) You

One of TVOTR more somber affairs, but with a big heart. It pulsates with waves of energy, and you can feel the electric tones in the song. I especially like lead singer Tunde Adebimpe’s lyrics in this, especially in the final third of the song.

Favourite Lyric: ‘Come, sugar, home / stow your feedback and take inside / Cross your heart / In our dreams we were making it right

2) Family Tree

Just another really mellow and beautiful song. The lyrics are very poignant and the music has a real weight to it. It creates this feeling of time passing, memories flashing. Again Adebimpe is on form in the final third.

Favourite Lyric: ‘Ah me all mine / Is it safe to say that we’ve waited patiently / Call me on time /And recall the tune that has place us gracefully / All into line / There’s the garden grave and a place they’ve saved for you / I’ll fall by your side’ 

1) Love Dog

The song I always come back too; TVOTR at their best. For me this is the best lyrics they’ve produced and it contains some of the best vocals as well. It has real soul but its also, most certainly, one that gets the heart pumping and something you’ll find yourself singing along to frequently.

Favourite Lyric: ‘And something slow has started in me as / Shameless as an ocean and mirrored in devotion’ 

Honourable Mentions

  • Seeds
  • Will Do
  • Killer Crane
  • Wolf Like Me

What’s your favourite TV On The Radio song? Let me know down in the comments below.

 RIP Gerard Smith taken far too soon.

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