Oscar thoughts

First Blog. Instead of doing a dodgy introduction on why I’m blogging, let’s just get cracking instead.

Just a quick blog to give my thoughts on the Oscars this year. I thought the academy got it mostly right this year. I must say. For best picture 12 years a slave was a big favourite and rightly so. A lot of people argue that it is oscar bait, that it draws on the emotional guilt that the academy rewards, but I think that is strongly unfair. At the core, is a beautifully shot (which is always in Steve McQueen’s repertoire) powerfully acted film, with a concise yet very effecting script. Of the competitors, the only stand out candidate for me, would be Dallas Buyers Club, which probably lacked a little punch, to take it all the way, which I attribute to not quite having the complete ensemble to keep up with the performances of Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto.


It would be hard to deny Matthew McConaughey his best actor and impossible to deny Jared Leto his best supporting. Their performances individually and then their chemistry together made the film more then just moving and powerful, they were able to add humour, which reinforced that life doesn’t end at the diagnosis. You felt their fear (Leto’s death in the film was short but wraught with a kaleidoscope of emotion) and you also feel their passion. Dicaprio is unlucky to miss out again of course, as is Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender and Barkhad Abdi.






Although I was a little disappointed in Gravity, mainly in the lack of length and therefore the impact on the story, Alfonso Cuaron’s talent behind the camera in making the film cannot be understated, and the shots he captures on the film speak more about isolation and survival then anything else in the film.

I felt The Wolf of Wall Street was unlucky not to come out with any awards, as it was, for me, the most captivating film of the year, the most memorable too. But it came in a strong year, where doing everything right just wasn’t quite enough.

(Author’s note: unfortunately I haven’t been able to see all the films nominated, so I’ve only commented on areas that I thought I could provide a fair evaluation of).

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