Retro gaming: Red Faction 2

I’ve recently set up my old PS2, on an unused television. I did it more for my father, who wanted to have something there for a quick go on racing. However in setting it up, I remembered my love for the Ps2, looked at some of my classic games that I’d forgotten about, and set out to discover why I loved them in the first place. First stop, Red Faction 2. The two thing I most remember about Red Faction 1 and 2, was the vast destructibility of the environment and the fantastic local multiplayer. I fondly remember spending hours digging tunnels with bazookas, and destroying ledges with grenade’s, all with my friends in tow.

red faction 2

What I discovered when I played it again surprised me. The destructibility holds up surprisingly well. While it doesn’t quite match with, Red Faction: Guerrilla on the PS3, for example, but it certainly is incredibly impressive for the PS2 and still deviously fun. Almost everything you shoot, reacts, and you can create destruction on an unprecedented level. I still insist, that in terms of destruction, specifically in FPS, you don’t get anything like Red Faction. There are of course issues with the game, but keep in mind these are based on very early impressions. Firstly, on medium difficultly, the game seemed very easy, the AI jump out to be shot, and stand still until they are dead. The controls can create issues, but I mark that down more towards a standard set of FPS controls not having been created for console, at that point in time. What is freeing is the the choice of weapons, early on you are given multiple guns, simultaneously and they are all extremely fun to use, and varied, though the temptation just to rely on the grenade launcher with seemingly infinite ammo seems to prevail.

Hopefully I’ll find the time to explore more of why I loved this game, and update this blog in the future. I also plan on adding my views on some other classic PS2 games.

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