Star Wars: Battlefront – The Good and The Bad

I’ve had Star Wars: Battlefront for a good few weeks now and I’ve put a decent number of hours into it. I bought the game because it looked fun, I wasn’t swayed by the reviews and so I came into it with an open mind. The allure of the Star Wars universe combined with DICE gameplay was just too hard to resist.

Online only has never put me off. It’s the nature of gaming these days and I’d rather effort go into a complete and complex multiplayer than a half-arsed campaign with a poor story.

So here’s my thoughts on what’s been good and what’s been bad in Star Wars: Battlefront

Bad – The Maps

The maps are beautifully construction, large and diverse. The problem is that there’s just too few of them. Within a few hours they quickly get repetitive. DICE really needs to pull a finger out and put new maps in the game and they needs to be free. For an online-only game not to have enough map variety is unforgivable.

Good – Atmosphere

This is genuine Star Wars. The sound of the game is fantastic. Blaster ping around your ears, AT-AT tower and crush from above, druids beep and zip around. The graphics are also some of the best you’ll find in an online game. It’s so much more satisfying stepping into Han Solo’s shoes knowing you have those signature Harrison Ford good looks.

Bad – Unlockables

DICE have really let the side down again with this one. Now I’m not looking for Call of Duty level of tinkering, but the share lack of blaster options is really awful. On top of that for some strange reason cosmetic upgrades are more expensive than weapons or powerups. Why do I want to be paying so much for a mustache? It’d doesn’t make sense! What you end with unfortunately is every avatar looking the same, which makes sense because they’re clones, but really takes away a uniqueness from the experience.

The excellent character models.

The excellent character models.

Good – Hero/Villain Characters

Stepping into the shoes of Darth Vader has never been so badass. The Hero and Villain characters really add a different dynamic to the FPS gameplay. Cutting down foe after foe with light saber and force-choke is incredibly satisfying and rare enough to be a brilliant deviation when you’re lucky enough to discover the power-up, and only an occasional inconvenience when you run into these supermen.

Bad – Flight Combat

This is another disappointment because I really liked the idea of long TIE-Fighter / X-Wing battles. Unfortunately flight combat is unresponsive and just not fun. It’s also very difficult to do damage to anything on the ground. The majority of my flight kills came from suicide crashes which I’m sure is not what DICE intended. Take a look at Warhawk to see how to do good aircraft combat.

Good – Modes

There is a great variety of modes to play in this game from the 40 player back and forth mayhem of Supremacy to the intense, last man standing style of Hero Hunt. There really is something for everyone and you’ll have a different experience every time you play.

That’s a quick summary of my thoughts. What have you made of Star Wars: Battlefront let me know in the comments down below.

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3 Responses to Star Wars: Battlefront – The Good and The Bad

  1. Nice post! I mostly agree with what you’ve written, particularly flight combat which isn’t that fun, and sometimes feels a bit pointless especially on modes like supremacy when you can’t hit troops on the ground. I disagree with your views on the maps, in my opinion the maps available are so iconic that I was satisfied with what was available, plus each planet has variants for different modes which I liked. While I would also enjoy playing on additional maps, it wouldn’t bother me personally if they had just kept the original maps, although we know there will be more maps in future DLC. Overall though a good read 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment! To tell the truth I’ve probably blinded by playing too much supremacy. I’m a sucker for the massive scale multiplayer, I really need to play more of the smaller scale modes to see the full range.

    • Great post. Love the summary – although I am also reasonably happy with the initial maps available. When you play all of the modes you do feel like there is more variety to them. As you know I agree on the lack of SP. I don’t think it is that much of an issue. Also you are totally right about the atmosphere, it is spot on!!

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