The Best £5 I’ve ever spent

I’ve never owned a Music and Rhythm game. Well not one involving these new fangled peripherals. My last proper music game was the legendary PaRappa the Rapper on the PS1. I loved that game and I’ve been known throw some crazy shapes upon a Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine, but despite that, it’s been a while since I’ve brought these skills into my own home.

Speaking of PaRappa the Rapper click this image to hear the greatest remix the internet has ever produced!

That’s not to say I haven’t wanted to join in the craze. I’ve looked on enviously to the generations of Guitar Hero and Rock Band players but I could never justify spending £100+ on one single game, even if it is brilliant. Well just a week ago as I was surveying a local charity shop for books, my girlfriend alerted me to a lovely little piece of plastic that sat in the corner. A turntable! Except it wasn’t a turntable, well it was but it wasn’t! It had buttons that my XBOX 360 has! It was the DJ Hero controller for the all time low price of £2.99! I thanked my lucky stars and quickly ran out the store before any one realised the catastrophic error they had made selling such a precious commodity for such a low price.

Forged in the black fire of Activision. One turntable to rule them all

Forged in the black fires of Activision. One turntable to rule them all

As fun as it was spinning the decks and terribly beatboxing to a crowd of pigeons while I waited for the bus, I realised I needed the game itself to go with it. I took a trip to evil empire GAME and purchased DJ Hero 1 and 2 for a collected price of £3! Another steal! (The sharp-eyed among you may realised that £3 and £3 adds up to £6 and not £5 as falsely advertised in the title but we’ll keep that to ourselves ;))

The game itself is everything I hoped. It’s addictive and rewarding fun. The music (which happens to feature a number of my favourite artists including Daft Punk and 2pac) is absolutely fantastic and it really adds that competitiveness as you play to do justice to the song you’re featuring. There’s little niggles and annoyances with the game and there’s no better way to develop a good old-fashioned case of RSI but for that price the hours on entertainment I’ve already got is unbeatable.

What’s the best £5 you’ve ever spent? Let me know in the comments down below and thanks for reading!

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