Walking Dead: S6E4 Here’s not here – My Thoughts (Spoilers)

I typically don’t like a flashback episode. Especially in The Walking Dead. I want fast relevant action. Mostly I don’t usually favour episodes without Rick as I feel like that is a sign that true game changing action isn’t going to take place.

This was the case with Season 6 Episode 4 ‘Here’s not here’ and yet I still came away thinking that it was one of the best episodes of Walking Dead that I have seen.

This flashback episode follows Morgan and explains how he came to be reasonably sane again after nearly biting Rick’s head off in Season 3. Morgan is not a character I necessarily liked, to me he was nothing more than a slightly frustrating badass. His craziness annoyed me because I knew he could be valuable and then his pacifism annoyed me because we’ve seen where that style of life leads in The Walking Dead Universe.

Morgan and Eastmen doing their best Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san impression

Morgan and Eastmen doing their best Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san impression

To be fair to Morgan he’s never really been given that much screen time. Now that he has, in this episode, I’ve become really endeared to him. One of the main reasons I attribute this to, and one of the main reasons this episode was so successful was because of the flawless performance of Lennie James’ (Morgan) co-star and guest actor John Carroll Lynch who played Morgan’s mentor of sorts Eastmen.

Eastmen’s painful soliloquy on the murder of his daughter and wife and his consequential revenge was one of the most poignant moment in the entire show and most memorable as well. It was honestly The Walking Dead at its philosophical best, when two strangers come together, when simple things become life changing and when heartbreak strikes with the blink of an eye.

You come out seeing that there is a rhyme to Morgan’s reason and now his badassness with his stick of awesomeness has far more weight behind it.

For next week I’m not particularly excited, I think they’re stuck stalling a little bit, pushing the confrontation with The Wolves for the mid-season finale, which is a little frustrating but I’m going to withhold judgement until I actually get to see it.

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