Are you a social gamer or a one-man band?

I first stepped into the world of online gaming with my PS3. It was a revelation. I used to marvel at how I could play with people from all over the world, talk to them, connect with them. It was incredibly exciting for me. It was the next step in gaming and something that really hooked me. Straight away I jumped online with my headset and talked to anyone and everyone I could find.

The game that began my online odyssey

The game that began my online odyssey

Resistance: Fall of Man was my game and I instantly joined a big clan and really enjoyed the clan battles and games we would have together. I then set up my own clan and that was really succesful. I ended up with 30 very active members and it felt amazing to lead them into matches. When I look back on those times, I remember them as some of the most fun I’ve ever had in gaming, I made friends that I would hold for years and it made gaming a really social experience. Something I had never really experienced beyond split-screen games with my school friends.

These days I shy away from that side of gaming. I never use my mic, I never join a clan, I still play online fairly frequently but it’s fair to say I prefer single player games. I partly attribute this to my age. I think the whole clan thing was something I had more time for when I didn’t have a full-time job. It feels like it would take a lot of maintenance that I just don’t have the time for. But it is something think of fondly and want to get back into.

It’s also because of the image I’ve built up of shouty, sweary teenagers running the clans. I had a more relaxed environment when I ran a clan and it is something I would look for if I was to join one today. But it’s not something that’s easy to find I would fear. I think I’ve got this imagine from the Call of Duty type games, where this type of demographic is more prevalent, though I’d imagine certain games may bring an audience that might cater more to my tastes.

What’s your opinion on this? Are you a social gamer? Or you do spend more of your time stuck in a single player? Let me know in the comments down below and if you enjoy this article then don’t forget to leave a like. Thank you!

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4 Responses to Are you a social gamer or a one-man band?

  1. Maclad1888 says:

    Love both online and single play getting time is the issue , Fifa 16 and call of duty online have been my favourites

  2. Im the same way, Resistance was probably my second online game, although I never got into clans and using a mic. My first online game, and to this day the only game I’ve used a mic to talk to strangers to, was SOCOM Fireteam Bravo on PSP. That game was a revelation to me. The fact that I was playing with people all over the world and talking to them via a device that could fit in my hands was mind-blowing. To be fair I was 14 years old at the time and the older I get the more I find myself avoid all forms of online game chat unless it is with close personal friends. I actually wrote something along these lines if you want to check it out.

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