Transfer Deadline Day Reflections

All I hoped from this years transfer deadline day was that it would be more interesting than last year which seemed to fizzle out with a whimper. Well it’s definitely safe to say that this years was far more interesting and perhaps one of the strangest ones in recent memory. Here’s my thoughts on some of the big stories from the day

Man Utd spend 36m on French teen striker Anthony Martial.

Well this one came completely out of the blue. 36m for an unproven young striker seems bonkers. There is some history for this of course, Man Utd have spent massive money on young players in the past, Rooney and Ferdinand coming to mind, but both these guys had brilliant premier league seasons to back it up. It’s the quintessential high risk/high reward scenario. Man Utd did desperately need another striker to join Rooney, so it’s guaranteed that Martial will get minutes but whether he can live up to the price tag remains to be seen.

Arsenal sign no one

Now I and a lot of other people could see this coming from a mile off. Wenger never panic buys and never spends big money on anything less than world-class talent. But at some point surely he has to bend his rules. He’s seen what Man City have brought in with the additions of Otamendi, Sterling and De Bruyne and also what additions Man Utd and Chelsea have added. Surely he must know that to challenge for the title he has to spend. Cech was a wonderful addition, but the deficits in the Arsenal squad are clear to see. They still do not have a out-an-out striker to compete with Giroud and they do not have a quality CDM. Without additions in january will Arsenal mount a title challenge? I seriously doubt it.

De Gea Saga

Well this looked all done and dusted earlier in the day. Man Utd would have got a great price for a player on the last year of his contract and received Navas, a quality keeper, in return. Madrid would have finally got the man they wanted, a world-class keeper once again, for years to come. Instead it completely capitulated and all we ended up with was confusion and blame. From my perspective it seems like most of the fault would lie at Madrid’s door. This was a deal that greatly benefitted Man Utd, while Madrid could easily have sat out the year and signed De Gea on a free, something that the Madrid fans wanted.

Now its rumoured that De Gea may sign a contract extension which would really stick the knife into Madrid, if indeed they were playing games. I don’t know how much I buy that particular rumoue but needless to say the stories doesn’t end here; we’re sure to have a repeat come January.

Berahino move falls through, player refuses to play

This one is utter madness. Throughout the summer Tottenham have been pursuing West Broms’ Saido Berahino unsuccessfully. West Brom turned down every approach and accused Tottenham of low-balling them. Then when the window closed Berahino announced that he would refuse to play under the Baggies chairman, Jeremy Peace. That seems like the worst move Berahino could have made. The smart choice would be to keep his head down; play the game; keep his value up and eventually secure a better contract when Tottenham or another club come calling again. Instead he’s either going to rot on his bum or he’s gonna have to back-track on his statement. A messy situation

Other Stories

  • Adebayor refused to move to Villa because he didn’t get a ‘sign from god.’ Oh and also because he wanted spurs to pay out his entire contract. Greedy
  • West Ham sign 4 players on deadline day, including Alex Song and Jelavic
  • Vincente Del Bosque says ‘De Gea must play’ to be included in Span 2016 euro squad. Seems like Del Bosque is gearing up to pick Casillas, despite De Gea being arguably the second best goalkeeper in the world.

What did you make of this years transfer deadline day?

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