5 of the best TV intros

TV intros can have a huge impact on the audience watching. Have an overly long intro or a dull one and you may bore your audience and fail to attract new viewers. Have an interesting one however, and you’ll create a surge of energy, an excitement that keeps them watching and brings in the casual remote surfer. Here’s 5 of my favourite intros that really set the scene:

True Detective

This intro really creates the chilling tone for this detective drama. You can hear the deep south setting of the show, in the way the music caresses and flows. The imagery on show is also perfect, hinting at themes that are to come; religion; deception; guilt; identity and more.

The Pacific

I struggled between this and Band of Brothers. But ultimately, while Band of Brothers is the better of the two shows, The Pacific’s intro just made a bigger impact on me. The music has much more of a sense of proportion about it, it captures the epic scale of the show and really summed up what was on the line for the fighting men. I think the etching style of the imagery really works well and reminds us that these soldier’s lives are forever marked into history.


One of the greatest, short-lived Sci-Fi shows ever made had one hell of an intro. It creates that western imagery in your head straight away and the lyrics create this do or die image that the crew of the Serenity lived by.

(Note: Unfortunately I could only find the music for the intro on Youtube and not the accompanying video)

Boardwalk Empire

This intro just oozes suave. As the bottles of alcohol wash in, you are reminded of Nucky Thompsons influence and power, and it makes you realise that you in for a show of some scale.

Bojack Horseman

The use of SnorriCam in this intro is one of the things that really makes it stand out. I don’t remember being used too many times in animation and it really works to captures the attention. That, combined with the music, really sums up Bojack’s Charlie Sheen-esque lifestyle in which everything seems to crumble around him. It shows Bojack lost in his larger than life persona.

That’s the 5 for you, what’s some TV intros that really stand out to you?

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6 Responses to 5 of the best TV intros

  1. mrin7 says:

    I really like the FRIENDS intro…it totally fits into the theme of the show

  2. danielpholt says:

    Game of Thrones has to be up there for me. That thing was a revelation at the time, and whilst we’ve become somewhat used to having it around, I still sit there and watch it every time.
    Shout-out to Dexter too. Fun, for a show about a mass murdering forensic analyst.

    • Game of Thrones has a brilliant intro. Especially the little changes they have in each one, relevant to that particular episode.
      Haven’t got around to watching Dexter yet, it’s on the list!

  3. I’m going to have to throw in Buffy and Black Sails if you haven’t seen it! Definitely agree with the Pacific

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