Board Game Review: Doctor Who – Battle to Save the Universe

I’m back with another Doctor Who board game review! That was not an intentional rhyme. Anyway, today we are feature the Matt Smith era ‘Battle to Save the Universe’ game!

The contents include:

36 x Enemy Disks

6 X TARDIS player pieces

2 x Dice

1 x Game Board

The game works as thus; each player is give 3 random enemy disks, the rest of the disk are placed evenly around the circle sections, just above the home spaces. You spin the spinner in the middle of the game board to determine your moves. When you land on the home spaces you can take one of the enemy pieces and if they match with a piece in your hand then you can put them aside. The winner is the person with the most matches at the end of the game.

The interesting variable of the game comes when you land on the same space as another player. When this happens the two players go to battle. Each person is handed a dice. They must then choose an enemy card to do battle with. Each enemy card has a number value which you add to the role of the dice to determine your score. The highest score wins.

Here’s the game board, with some of the enemy tokens available in the game.

Overall I found the game a little lackluster compared to ‘The Time Travelling Action Game’ that I reviewed previously. Obviously this Matt Smith smith edition is not as high tech as the David Tennant counter-part but it also just isn’t as fun. The most interesting part of the game, the player battles, is just not used as often as it should (I only played this with one other person, so that could be partly to blame). Also I feel the game board as a whole is lacking. I’d have appreciated more variety in the spaces and in the movement available.

That being said the game is fun enough for what it is. It doesn’t require any complex or taxing set up and generally the matches can be fast fun. It’s also Doctor Who memorabilia, so for me that’s enough. Here’s a link to the game on Amazon UK for those interested, though I feel the price point is a bit steep for what’s on offer.

Let me know your thoughts on the game down below and if you enjoyed this review then check out my other Doctor Who board game review on the David Tennant era, Doctor Who – The Time Travelling Action Game!

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2 Responses to Board Game Review: Doctor Who – Battle to Save the Universe

  1. solobacca says:

    LOVE DR. WHO!!! Great Review! Wanna get this game for my wife!

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