The Hoarding of Pop Culture

The line between hoarding and collecting seems to be a very thin one for me. When I was in my early to mid teens I had a collection of around 40 PS2 games. When the PS3 came out, I sold these PS2 games in order to fund my purchase of the PS3. It’s a decision I’ve always regretted but I’m not entirely sure why.

I guess when I finally got my PS3 and a few games that I eventually grew a bit tired of, I wanted to go back and play some of my old PS2 games, but obviously they were gone. Partly it was genuine I think, but also I think it was nostalgia and that if I actually had played them I wouldn’t have enjoyed them as much. It’s certainly what I feel these days.

After I had made that mistake, I vowed never to do it again. And I didn’t. I now have a very large collection of PS3 and Xbox 360 games, despite having a PS4. The problem is, I don’t play them. The ones I saved are games I very much love. They are some of my favourites of all time. But I never play them. I enjoy having that collection and always say to myself that, yes I will come back and play them one day, but that day has still yet to come.

I find the same thing with my books and DVDs. I continually by more and more bargain price DVDs and books that I do read and watch but I tend not to get rid of them. Pop culture has begun to absorbed my rooms and my life. Its a painful process as I come to get rid of them. It feels a little like I’m letting a little part of my soul go but I think that’s the hoarder in me speaking, after all they are things I don’t really use and would probably have not trouble replacing if it really came down to it.

What’s your thoughts on this? Do you find that your DVDs, games and books are taking over your life? or are you able to swap and change your collections very easily? Let me know in the comments down below.

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2 Responses to The Hoarding of Pop Culture

  1. James Story says:

    Ever since I started uni I had less time to game, so naturally spent less money so things are a little bit easier on that front, but I am an absolute sucker for bargain DVDs. I’ll head down to my local CEX, start at ‘A’ and just work round. I had a rule that if I wanted to watch something and it was £2 or less, I could buy it, but even that lead to a big purchase practically each time!

    Right now I’ve got all of my DVDs in carry cases, meaning I’ve got over 300 films at my disposal in the same space as a couple of box files take up. A pretty good work around, but maybe that’s because all my DVD boxes are back in my parent’s garage! One of these days I’ll ship them all back up here, and display them proudly on a few bookcases, but man that’s going to take a while day.

  2. I’m exactly the same! Its so hard to turn down a bargain DVD. Now I have a supply of probably 30 DVDs that I haven’t got round to watching, some for years. Partly for me it’s a little bit like collecting stickers as a kid, I just like the look of that complete collection!

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