Short thoughts 4: Band of Brothers, LittleBigPlanet 3, FUT Draft

I’m back with another installment of short thoughts!

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is one of my favourite shows ever. It arguably is the best mini-series of all time, it certainly is in my eyes. So when I saw the book, on which the show is based, going pretty cheaply, I decided to pick it up. And I’m happy to say that it has really caught my attention. I initially thought I would struggle to get through it, I imagined it would be filled with a lot of military and strategic talk that I would find difficult to be interested in. But in reality it is quite the opposite, the book really zones in on the lives of the men of Easy Company, what they were like and their thoughts and feelings as they were caught up in the biggest event of the 20th century. It really is marvellous and much recommended.

LittleBigPlanet 3

I’m a pretty massive LittleBigPlanet fan ever since the first one came out. Instantly it was one of my favourite games and I sunk hours into it with my friends, playing levels and building my own. That said, I wasn’t quite sure on whether to invest in LittleBigPlanet 3. I felt a little bit drawn out on the series after 2 and the fact that it was no longer being developed by Media Molecule was off-putting. But for £15 it was worth a shout. What I found was that I still really love LittleBigPlanet and playing through it with my girlfriend is amazing fun. It still suffers from the frustrations of glitches and errors that are simply embedded into the mechanics of the game and its platforming is and always will be lofty and unaccurate. But the heart is still very much there and you’ll smile throughout your gameplay session.

I kind of feel that some of the awe that I first had, at what people can make on LittleBigPlant has worn off, but that’s to be expected. Also the smaller community can sometimes stifle the creativity but its one of the best two players games you can buy right now.

The Fut Draft

I absolutely cannot wait for this game mode on FIFA 16. I’ve been playing Ultimate Team since FIFA 11 and I’ve never had the coins to own a Messi or Ronaldo, never mind a special version of those cards. So to be given the chance to try these types of players out, and not face a sweaty BPL team 5 times in a row is a blessing. I also think the reward system is great. So even if you aren’t the best player you still have the chance to at least come out even and your coins don’t go to waste. For me it negates the need to open packs. Any coins I earn or FIFA points that I buy, will be put into this game mode.

That’s all for today, let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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