Movie Review: Bad Education the Movie

Bad Education is a weird show. Flew a bit under the radar and treaded the line between the quality of Inbetweeners and the deplority of Mrs Browns Boys. At times it incredibly funny and at others it’s so cheesy and so cliché that it’s unbearable. Well, as with the trend these days, it got a film. Is it any good? Has it broken out of its barriers to reach new heights?

Teacher Alfie Wickers and student co head to Cornwell for one last big blow out after their GCSE Exams. Things as you can imagine don’t quite go to plan.

Iain Glen (far left) gives a solid performance, but Jack Whitehall (Centre) is the star of the show.

Jack Whitehall as the Alfie, is the absolute star of the show, and has some hilarious moments, including an incredible ET parody involving a doll of Anne Frank. The rest of the characters are exactly as fun and likable as in the show, especially Matthew Horne, though I did miss his ‘banterism’. The additions of Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen as Pasco and Joanna Scanlan as Susan Poulter have their moments, especially in the first half but are ultimately predictable and confined to the structure of the story.

The main problem of the film comes in the last half hour. The film creates a crisis that really doesn’t stretch far enough. The comedy reverts to tropes, and the laughs become too sparse. It feels like they shoehorned the story in to stretch it to that feature-length but it just makes the ending really dull.

In short, it’s decent. It’s a good effort. It could have been a 45 minute special but there is laughs, big ones at time and it’s fun enough. Basically if you like the show, you’ll love the film.


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