Ultimate Team: The Best Non-Rares

Back in the FIFA 12 and 13 days handicap was a real thing. Silver teams were the strongest and most fearsome to come up against, and non-rares might as well have been Pele. These days handicap isn’t as strong and when you buy a super expensive team, it’ll usually play like that. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some quality non-rare players to use if your coin total isn’t the highest. Here’s some my favourites:


It says 85 pace on the card but Kokorin feels a lot faster than that. He also scores everything. He’s got amazing positioning as well and is always in the right place. There isn’t a wealth of forwards in the Russian League, so if you’re tired of using Doumbia or Rondon then give Kokorin a go.


Ghoulam might be the best LB in the Serie A. I certainly prefer him to Evra and Ashley Cole. He’s faster than those two and more importantly he’s 6’2, which means he’s gonna get to those pesky far-post crosses. He’s also got very solid defensive and physical stats.


This guy has insane strength. He won’t be shaken off the ball and he has good enough finishing to score you a lot of goals. He reminds me a lot of Emenike of a few games a go. A hidden gem and someone to provide a strong link to the likes of TOTS Jackson Martinez and Futties Quaresma.

Manuel Fernandes

Fernandes is genuinely the best box-to-box midfielder in the Russian League and perhaps one of the best in the game. He’s strong and gritty and will often nick the ball for you. He’s also a very solid passer and has great pace. He’s very reminiscent of Gundogan

Javi Garcia

When you build a spanish national team, there isn’t a lot of great CDM options. Sergio Busquets, and Xabi Alonso aren’t strong enough and both have pace in the 50s. While Javi Garcia isn’t that much faster, he is very strong and domineering in the centre of the park.

Rodrigo Palacio

This guys stats suggest that he should be rare. 85 Pace and 84 Dribbling will have him twisting and turning defenses, and his 82 shooting, with 81 long shots means he’ll score almost all your chances from any range. He gets strong links with Higuian and Tevez creating a deadly trio for the top of any team you want.

Let me know some of your favourite non-rare players in the comments down below.

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