Top 5 FIFA YouTubers to watch

FIFA YouTube has exploded over the last few years. The content has gone through a wild transformation from the days of Sam5000i (who’s back for 16! Old School cool) and the ‘Road to Glory’. These days, you don’t just get pack openings and compilations, you get everything from FIFA Bingo to Strip FIFA, it’s crazy. Here’s a quick rundown of 5 you need to watch if you’re looking to get back in the scene.

5. FifaRalle

This guy knows skills. What he can do with the ball is crazy. As someone who’s only just mastered the roulette, it’s amazing what Ralle can string together. His series, ‘The Ultimate Upgrade’ is a really enjoyable twist on the typical road to glory and he also creates some impressive squad builders.

4. AirJapes

Probably the best FIFA player on YouTube, watch Japes if you are truly interested in becoming a better FIFA player. He plays a possession style of football, with intricate passing and great finishing. While he did have somewhat of a sabbatical recently, he’s back to posting regularly with his ‘Path to Power’ series.

The Master of the Chip will have you wasting countless opportunities as you try to replicate the most delicate of finishes in your matches. He also doesn’t shout, scream or swear which is good for the younger audience.

3. Bateson

Bateson is the most active FIFA YouTuber out there. He creates videos up to three times a day and the content is always varied and interesting. He is usually first with the latest FIFA news, especially transfers. He also creates a lot of great squad builders, on interesting or lesser known/seldom used players and nations.

2. Nepenthez

Nep is probably the most knowledgable FIFA YouTuber. He provides the facts in a refreshing no-nonsense manner. He’s another player to watch if you want to get better, as he destroys the opponents and explains, in detail, how you yourself can create such mayhem. He also regularly streams, and his streams are often better than his YouTube videos as you get a more open, less abridged, Neppo Monster.

1. Spencer FC

Genuinely hilarious and endless creative, Spencer is ahead of the game on YouTube. He has lost none of the wit from his days as ‘Tha Fifa Playa’ and his series’ like ‘The Wheel of Futune’ and ‘The Zarate Kid’ are far and away the best thing in the scene right now. Furthermore his videos, outside of the FIFA zone are quality. The ‘Wembley Cup’ is the most ambitious event created within the FIFA scene, and Spence pulls it off gloriously.

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  1. P.J. says:

    Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! What an honour. See here for the details.

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