My Premier League Predictions Part 1

The Premier League is finally back, thank God! It’s been a long boring break. There’s only so much De Gea to Real Madrid rumours you can read before you start to go crazy and end up in handcuffs for nicking Krispy Kreme’s from Tesco. So I thought I’d give you my thoughts on this upcoming season, starting with the top 4.

4. Arsenal.

It’s a cliché, Arsenal fourth. But this year, like the previous I just don’t think they have made the transfers to really make the difference. There’s still time of course, but with Wenger’s history, I’d be surprised to see him bring in the two or three quality players they need to really compete for the title. They still lack a powerful CDM, and a third reliable CB. They’ve made improvements year on year however, and this year they are sure to be more competitive against the top 6

3. Man City

Honestly Man City seem to be going backwards. Their core squad is aging big time. They’re still quality, no doubt about it. They still have world-class players but their core 4 have all had problems. Kompany has had an inconsistant couple of seasons; Toure, while on occasion, can be on another level hasn’t produced it on enough occasions; Aguero is plagued by injures and David Silva  hasn’t yet managed replicated the magic seen in the 2011/12 season. While the addition of Sterling is promising, he isn’t yet world-class. And Delph just seems a like for like swap for Milner. If they bring De Bruyne they’d definitely be adding star quality but they really need more help at the back, rather than forward.

2. Man Utd

I like Man Utd for this year. The additions of Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin add some much needed quality and steel to the defense. The back four does need work, but I believe they’ll bring in a quality CB to sure that up (probably Otamendi). The only worry is their lack of strikers. Even though RVP was arguably past his best in the last season, he could still score and he still had quality. Rooney and Hernadez simply won’t be enough to fight on all fronts, like Man Utd pride themselves on. Will they bring another quality striker in? I’m not too sure. They’ve been linked with Muller but that seems like a hopeless case.

1. Chelsea

Yes they haven’t really improved their squad by a huge amount. But while the rest of the top four seem to be in a time of transition, Chelsea seem to have that stability running throughout. Yes John Terry is edging every closer to 40, but he played every minute of every game last season, which suggests that he isn’t going to just drop off the map. The front 4 of Hazard, Oscar, Willian And Costa is still, by far, the best in the league, and Remy off the bench isn’t half bad either.

One thing seems certain though, it’ll be closer this year than last and I’m looking forward to every minute of it.


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