90s/00s Cartoons revisited: Dexter’s Lab, Courage, Rugrats and more…

Inspired by my recent foray into the shows of Cbeebies, I’ve decided to take a look back at the cartoons of my childhood. I was very much a TV kid, still am, so I watched a lot of different cartoons in my time. Here’s some quick thoughts about some of the ones that stand out.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

This show stands the test of time as one of the most frightening piece of television ever created, for adults and children alike. This show, was and still is, unnerving eerie. The characters have weird, creepy, stalkerish personas and the story’s of violence and destruction wouldn’t be misplaced in a Stephen King novel.

My advice; don’t watch this at night.


Just the coolest show about babies I’ve ever seen. Tommy Pickes is James Bond in a diaper and his level of sauveness is something I still, to this day, endeavor to match. The game was pretty decent as well.

Hey Arnold

Why are the heads so weirdly shaped. It always threw me off. I’m fine with talking animals, with fast food joints in the middle of the ocean, but football shaped heads and tiny hats just isn’t right. How is that tiny hat ever fashionable? Also why a kilt? What was he thinking? Hipster before his time.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Omelette du fromage. Omelette du fromage. Omelette du fromage

Cow and Chicken

This one may have warped my mind, I’m not too sure. It was just so bizarre. What was with the obsession with arses? And why did the, clearly human, mum and dad not have a top half of their body? Was this an elongated episode of the Twilight Zone that I’m confusing?

Ed Edd n Eddy

The jawbreakers were massive, they were only 25c, but it looked like you could live off those wrecking balls for weeks. Also, why was it so hard to raise 25c? Did they live in the depression? Unless it was all code for an illicit drug ring.

Plank is always naked, Jonny must realise that?

Plank is always naked, Jonny must realise that?

That’s all for today, though I may do another installment. What’s some of your favourite childhood cartoons?

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