Ultimate Team: How to beat World Class

EA have been really great with tournaments this year. Every week, sometimes every day, a new tournament with rewards actually worth playing for. For the players that don’t like paying for packs, it’s a great way to earn free 25k, 35k and even 50k packs. But what can put some people off is the difficulty level. While most players won’t be too fazed by Professional difficulty, the occasional World Class cup can be daunting. Well here’s a few ways that will help you to breeze through the tournaments and give you that chance of packing Messi.


Possession is key against the World Class AI. Once the AI have the ball it’s insanely hard to get it off them. They can unleash devastating, pin-point, passes from all areas of the pitch. The best way to minimize this is by making sure you don’t give away the ball with a sloppy or pointless pass. Even if it means you pass backwards, keep the ball. Try to get it, in and around the box, and only shoot if you know there’s a high chance of a goal. Then if you do lose the ball, you’ve got time to organise and pressure the AI, in their own half.

Second-Man Press

The AI can be remarkably strong, no matter the player, and won’t give the ball up easily. On the wings, you’ll want to use second-man press and double up on the Ronaldo’s and Neymar’s, to give you the best chance of getting the ball. Do not do this with your CB’s however, as you’ll leave massive, easily exploitable, gaps in your defence.

Fake Shots

For some reason fake shots are incredibly effective against the AI. The AI cannot read the quick sharp turns that fake shots, L2/R2 and chops, produce. Use then and you will create that space to find that killer pass or get a crucial shot off. Don’t be afraid to spam them as much as possible.


Pace works against the AI. I’m not saying spam it, because running in straight lines all the time, or in crowded areas of the park, is just going to lose you the ball. But if you see that space in the back-four and you know you’re facing a Mertersacker or a Terry, then go for it, it’ll give you that one-on-one that could win you the game.

That’s the main things to keep in mind with World Class, but here’s a bonus: Offline tournaments contain a glitch, where if you dashboard during a game, your tournament progress will not be reset. So if you are losing the final in the 85th minute, know that you can dashboard and be back in the final for another attempt. So there’s no excuses!


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