Short thoughts 1: Jurassic World, Nu Who and the Game of Thrones Game!

Short thoughts! My new blog series where I lay down a line or two on something I’ve watched, or a game I’ve played or a place I’ve been or absolutely anything at all! Here goes…

Jurassic World


It was very cool, and it was awesome to go back to that world, but I couldn’t help but thinking I’ve paid my £8 to watch Jurassic Park: The Remake. Maybe that was what was intended but that seems very safe. Personally, I’d have liked a little more experimentation. Also with one massive dinosaur loose, a solution that would never had occurred to me would be to realised another massive dinosaur! The ending to wacking day anyone?

New Doctor

No I don’t mean Peter Capaldi, I’m very much behind the curve. I’ve just made it onto Matt Smith and I’ve got to say I’m gonna miss David Tennant’s Doctor. He really captured the emotion, the loneliness, and the power of the doctor all at once and he was always bursting with energy on-screen. I’ve watched a few Matt Smith episodes and I am warming to him, but he does seem a trifle young to make him truly believable as the commanding force that the doctor is.

Game of Thrones – The Telltale Game a exploration of disaster!

I’m a massive fan of Telltale games. The story telling in their games are always stellar and the decisions you are asked to make always feel impactful and important (even if most of them really don’t make too much of a difference in the grand scheme of things). I’m always a big Game of Thrones fan. Combine them both and I’ve got a dream game. But what I’m continually finding, despite my best wishes, is that I’m walking the path of Ned Stark. I try to be honourable, I try to make the fair the decisions for the Forresters and all I end up doing is leaving a path of death and destruction everywhere I go. At this time I’m reminded of the immortal words of Jorah Mormont:

“Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly. And Rhaegar died.”

Tune in next time!



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