Ultimate Team: Cheap Team of The Season player reviews

With Team of the Season just about wrapped up, I’ve had an opporunity to really test out some of the affordable players. I’ve never been much of a trader, so big names have always been out of the question for me, but the chance to use some of these cheap, but nevertheless awesome TOTS players is something I leapt at. Some of the players, certainly stats-wise, are just as good as the big names and if you have a few coins lying around, give them a go and let me know what you think!

Jackson Martinez


The first TOTS I packed myself and certainly one of the best, there is no better value for money than Jackson Martinez. A strong, fast and dynamic player, Martinez always seems to score the important goals and is always in the right position. Getting him into a team can be difficult, as the Portuguese league isn’t particularly a popular one, but Quaresma (who gives him a strong link) is certainly a great option. He also works brilliantly as an impact sub and I often bring him on for the last half hour to save my bacon.

He’s a steal at 60k and is honestly one of the best strikers I’ve used this year. Highly recommended.

Harry Kane


The second and final TOTS that I packed, I was very excited to use Harry Kane. He had all the stats to make him formidable, particularly the 92 shooting. Unfortunately he didn’t work out for me the way I envisioned. While his shooting was powerful, his shots would often be palmed away. Which is great in terms of rebounds, but I did expect more direct long goals. His dribbling proved to be problematic for me as well, as he turned very slowly and would often get dispossessed as I would try to hold up the ball. His passing, while seemingly good on the card, let me down in-game which maybe a result of his 3 star week foot.

Grzegorz Krychowiak


In the La Liga there is a shortage of decent CDMs. I’ve tried a range from Khedira to Perez, Modric, and even non-rares. Ultimately they all felt like a weak-link in an otherwise stellar team. Krychowiak has finally solved that problem. While he isn’t the fastest (which you don’t need to be in that position) he is formidably strong, a great interceptor and tall and imposing enough to win the majority of Kick-off headers.

If you have a La Liga team, this man is your CDM

Jonatan Soriano


Jonatan Soriano is the player I was expecting Harry Kane to be. He scores practically every shot, he’s a great dribbler and can pick a pass with the best of them. Play him as a false 9 or even a CAM and you’ve got someone who will run the show and score you a lot of goals. Unfortunately getting him into a team can be a struggle. Your only real option is using spanish players, where there isn’t an abundance of good wingers. I used him with TOTS Vitolo and TOTS Nolito but often found myself pulling them back into midfield.

If you have a spare 20k lying around, then he’ll work wonders as a super sub or even if you lack a decent CAM and want someone to sub on in the first couple of minutes.

Here’s a quick summary of some other cheap TOTS players you might consider using

Vitolo: Let down by his lack of skill moves and weak foot. Would be better placed in the centre of midfield.

Nolito: A surprisingly good winger with fantastic dribbling, though his stats may be off-putting to some.

Jonas: Not quite the player I expected, though I didn’t have an exceptional amount of time with him. Fantastic free kick stats though. Will have to give him another try one day, in a brazilian team.

Thanks for reading and let me know who your best Team of the Season players have been.

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