Ultimate Team: Trading Techniques

With the addition of price ranges some announced the death of trading. While it did create a more difficult environment, trading is most definitely still alive and here is a couple of ways you can make those extra coins for Team of the Season

Buy Low / Sell High

It’s the classic and it still works. For those with a 10-30k find players that sell around steadily around the 4-5k mark and bid at least 400 coins under, the lower the better. Then list them up 100 coins under the lowest Buy it Now and it should sell instantly. Works with loads of players on the game, so if you find the market saturated on Diego Costa’s for example, and none of your builds going through, try more obscure players, from the Russian League or Ligue 1

BIN Sniping

A method that’s really come to the forefront with the advent of price ranges, BIN (buy it now) sniping can be the most effective way to make large sums of coins quickly. Figure out what the lowest BIN is for a players and then more your search perimeters down to cover the EA Tax. Then if you have fast fingers you should be able to pick up players 1000s of coins below their average BIN level and make easy profit.

If you’re looking to make a large amount of coins fast you can do this with In-Forms and Team of the Seasons. For example, Team of the Season Clyne has a price range of 20-50k on the PS4, but he generally settles around 40k on open bids. If you’re fast enough with the BIN sniping you might be able to catch a few going for 20,250 and make 20k profit.

This takes patience though and lot of fast clicking. The normal rare cards appear for sniping more often than the Team of the Seasons etc, but won’t allow you to make the massive profit. So find a couple of different rares and special cards and see what works for you

400 coin packs

the 400 coin bronze packs are the only packs in the game that will bring you guaranteed profit on every one. Each of these packs contain 3 players, and all those 3 players will sell for 200 coins BIN (on PS4). It may take them a few rounds to sell but over time they’ll all sell. To add-on top of that here’s some more things that will sell

Kits & Badges: Occasionally some of the nicer looking kits will sell, and a lot of badges sell for 200 BIN. Specifically English kits and badges

Fitness: Shiny rare plus 10 team fitness will sell anywhere from 400-650 on BIN and I’ve seen some reach 1k+ on open bids

Injury: all injury cards except head sell for 200 coins BIN instantly, the shiny +1 heal all card can sell for 400+

With certain tournaments (like the recent MLS cup) bronze player prices, from the leagues or clubs represented will be inflated, making this technique even more effective.

Additionally you’ll get a free 100 or 200 coins and even a free bronze pack occasionally.

This technique can be slow but when you have very few coins, this can be a great technique to get your coin total building.

Buying shiny gold contracts

Another easy technique is to buy shiny gold contracts an open bid for 150 coins and then sell them on for 300 BIN. They’ll sell within 10-20 minutes and you’ll have quick and easy profit.

Hopefully these suggestions helped make you a few coins, if you have any other trading techniques, leave them in the comments and I’ll check them out.


(Note: all trading done on PS4 and only representative of that platform.)

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