Ultimate Team: Out of position all-stars

Since Ultimate Team first emerged as a spark of genius out of EA’s dark heart, playing people out of position has been a bit of a taboo. Well until recently. Partly it’s because the rules and laws of the magical chemistry system was kept hidden to us mere mortals, until this year when EA laid out some of the foundations. Basically they explained that a player on 4 chemistry, performed to his base stats, i.e the stats on the card. Anything above 4 chem meant that they would be boosted (though the specifics of the boost have never been revealed, though I’d imagine it can’t be massive).

So what this means is that even a player out of position on 7 chem will perform beyond the stats on his card. So with this in mind, I’m gonna list a few players you might consider playing in a different position, players perhaps overlooked, maybe cheaper because of their base positions. So here we go;

The misunderstood winger: David Silva, Santi Cazorla, Koke,

These guys are brilliant wizards out in the real world, but because they’ve been cursed with a position on the wing, where pace is king, these players are underused and undervalued. Play them as 7 chem in a 3 midfield set (with defensive players) and you’ll be pinging passes and squeezing through corridors, they’re even great as 7 chem LF/RF in a CF spot so don’t be afraid to use them there either.

Marco Reus

Marco Reus might be the best player on this game. That’s not understatement, his stats are phenomenal for his price, he’s saved me on numerous occasions with his ferocious shot and blistering pace. Play him at any position and you’ve got a formidable player, but in the Bundesliga, which has a shortage of decent strikers, Reus may be the man for you. He wins a surprising amount of headers, has solid physical stats and brilliant finishing.

Wayne Rooney

As a striker, there’s a lot of more appealing options then Wazza. Aguero and Sturridge are gonna stand out among those that like a bit of pace, and Costa is definitely the option for those that like an intimidating big man. But move Rooney back to a CAM and you’ve got a complete player. CAM is a position that doesn’t need a huge amount of pace, and it suits Rooneys strengths to a T. He has the great passing stats to thread a pass, and awesome long shots for when he’s floating around the edge of the box. His physical stats also help when you need to track back and bully those counter-attacking midfielders and forwards.

Felipe Melo

Looking for that perfect partner for Thiago Silva? Consider Felipe Melo. He has great physical and defensive stats and the passing and dribbling not to get caught on the ball like a lot of clumsy centre-backs. Also he has a high defensive work-rate, meaning you won’t find him bombing up the pitch like a David Luiz or Naldo.

Honorable Mentions:

  • David Luiz – CDM: He’s got great passing and shooting and his attacking nature isn’t gonna leave you exposed at the back
  • Robin Van Persie – CF/CAM: Unleash his left foot from the edge of the box and you’ve got a guaranteed goal, great passing as well.
  • Bale – Striker: Has amazing physical stats to be that target man and will score from any and every angle
  • Philipp Lahm – RB: Don’t listen to Pep, the man is a Right-Back

Thanks for reading, check back again for more Ultimate Team tips, tricks and advice.



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