How you can become better at FIFA Ultimate Team

I play a lot of FIFA 15. I’ve played a lot of FIFA over the years, dating back to FIFA 98 and the legendary indoor stadium (those were the days).

On Ultimate Team I’m generally a division one player, I’m by no means the best, but I have some (5 star) skills, if I do say so myself. FIFA 15 can be daunting to a new player, jump into the cups or leagues and you may find your self on the wrong end of a 5-0 train, with one Seydou Doumbia as your conductor. Here’s just a few simple ways that you can avoid seeing those dreaded three replays and that soul crushing, shushing celebration.


Maybe it goes without saying, but setting up a solid defense makes a world of difference. If you’re new, avoid a three back formation as it leaves a lot of space on the wings, a solid four back (no respectable player will pick a five back) with fast, strong defenders is the way to go. When you defend, do so with the Midfield primarily. Allow the computer to keep the shape of your back four, while you track back your defensive midfielders. I always recommend playing with a defensive player, a holding player, just to bridge the gap between defense and midfield.

The occasional use of team-mate pressing (R1 on PS4) can help on the wings to create a two – on – one situation for particularly dangerous wingers, but if you find it pulling your CB’s out of place you know it’s time to ease off



Setting up the perfect instruction can be crucial to how you perform in-game. But it’s not as simple as choosing get forward for every player on the pitch. Typically, if you use pacey wingers, you’ll want to set them to ‘get in behind’ same goes for a pacey striker, in a ‘little and large’ forward pair. I’ve messed about with ‘Target man’ for the times when I have a big man upfront, but I found leaving those types of players on default works better. You definitely do not want to overdo it with the ‘get in behind’ instruction, as it can lead to situations where you have massive gaps between the midfield and front line, leaving you with an over the top ball as your only option.

You’ll also want to set your CDM or defensive player to ‘stay back when attacking’ so that your defense isn’t exposed.

On another note, I’ve seen people set their fullbacks to ‘get forward’ so that you can have them overlap with your wingers, but I found that more often than not this led to dangerous, two on two or three on two counter-attacks.


I found people can be hesitant with substitutions in Ultimate Team, maybe its a contract issue (though with the amount of packs I’ve opened, free and not-so-free, this has never been an issue for me) or maybe it’s because of resting players, but I cannot recall the amount of times, one or two key substitutions have swung the game in my favour.

Those extra legs can run down a defense and the change in play style can really throw off an opponent. One of the ways that you get particularly good at this game is through anticipation, knowing when someone is about to fake shot, or cut inside, or blast a shot. Once you can read players you can take and dominate possession, so be unpredictable in the way you play the game and in your substitutions.


Corner technique

In a word or two, go short. Heading is ineffective the majority of time in FIFA 15, so with corners, going short is the option you want to take. During the cut scene before you actually take your corner, press L2 and it’ll teleport a player to you, when he gets the ball you have a couple of options. One is to pass it to the player at the edge of the box for a shot or dribble. Keep in mind that this will often be your fullback, so unless your shot takes a deflection it probably won’t fly in (unless your Kyle Walker), so you’ll probably want to try to lay it off once more, to a more capable finisher. Option two, is to pass it inside, where you can then fake shot or dribble inside (though this will more than likely be your CB, who probably isn’t going to be the best dribbler). Option 3 is a quick near post cross towards the CB at the near post.

Other tips and tricks

  • Pass and move (L1 + X on PS4) is incredibly effective, but the passes are sometimes weak or off target, so don’t create any needless danger by doing it in your own half
  • Possession is effective at draining the life out of your opponent, if you’re a great passer then you can use this to constantly pepper the goal with little recourse. However be aware that the longer you keep the ball the more you’ll draw your defenders further and further up the pitch. With pacey attackers being in abundance, this can lead to quick and devastating counters. One way to combat this is select the ‘counter-attack’ option through the in-game drop down menu. This will make your defenders sit back deeper and allow you avoid those pesky over-the-top through balls.
  • Playing a CDM at CD on 7 chem is surprisingly effective. With their advanced dribbling and passing, you won’t get caught on the ball as much, though they can sometimes be found out of position so get your work-rates right (low/high preferably)
  • Similarly, 7 Chem generally makes no difference. 4 Chem is base stats, so anything above is a bonus. Play David Silva as a CM if you want, you won’t regret it.
  • Fake shots on receiving the ball is very effecting, and will catch your opponent off guard, but can sometimes lead to frustration as you blast the ball out for a throw in, by accident.

So hopefully these tips help, I might look at doing a trading guide next, or a couple of player recommendations, keep posted!



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