Advanced Warfare one month later

Call of Duty is more than a game. It’s established itself in the home, it’s a franchise, it’s stuck in the mindset. Call of Duty 4 sparked the revolution, with its life absorbing multiplayer, its, at the the the time, complex role playing elements, its unlocks and prestige rewards, it’s brilliant single player campaign with compelling characters and excellent story telling never yet matched in the series. The Call of Duty series has lived off the life source that modern warfare brought forward, each iteration brought slight changes, evolutions might be a stretch for some of the titles, but generally welcome changes, mainly expansions. Advanced warfare might be in that category as well, but the evolutions that it brings are more then any other game in the series to date.

The single player is great. That’s the sum of it. It’s the best story in the series since the original modern warfare. Kevin Spacey is electrifying in it, holding the attention of the player in every scene he’s feature. Its puts down a mark for what level of acting can now be done within games, while being understated and not overused. The graphics are also remarkable, and the best I’ve seen (in the cut scenes that is) on the new generation of consoles. Yes, the twist is cliche, obvious, but it does not distract from great story telling, which brilliantly incorporates the games big addition of the EXO suits. EXO suits being exoskeleton additions that allow the player to run faster, jump higher, punch harder etc.

The multiplayer is what we all come to the call of duty series for however and I’m pleased that the game has changed. The EXO suits will alter how you play the game. People jump boost constantly, it makes gun fights more aerial, more unpredictable more fun. Obviously this emphasizes the connection issues that has always been present in Call of Duty, you’ll be enraged more than once but being shot and killed, when you’d boosted jumped out of the way on your screen, but not on the opposing players.

The compelling game play is still largely what it always has been. The verticality helps keeps things fresh, and boost stomping a guy from the top of a roof adds an extra little incentive that might keep you playing. Ultimately, the Call of Duty series is waning, I think that’s obvious. The attraction isn’t there that pushed me through 7 or 8 prestige on modern warfare. Advanced warfare definitely prolongs this state of decay the series is going through. It’s still a brilliant game, but it’s not enough for the series I fear. Play Advanced warfare, if only for Kevin Spacey or the the jump boosting game play that adds a hint of Halo to your Call of Duty soup, but don’t expect revolution.

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