5 things to make the next FIFA Ultimate Team the best yet.

Since its iteration, Ultimate Team has always been the mode for FIFA. The main reason you come back every year. The addicting card simulator, that makes you spend hard earn money and time when you know there’s little real chance of ever building that team of your dreams. But that doesn’t put you off, hours are still spent waging away on online divisions, trying to make your way to division 1 and prove your might as the best FIFA player that ever lived! Even if along the way you used the overly pacey Ibarbo one too many times to be proud of.

Here’s a list of 5 little things that would make the world in FIFA 16. Additions that would mean more time spent of the game, more money for EA, hopefully less broken game pads, and maybe just maybe an actual chance of getting Ronaldo! (I’m just kidding on that last one. No chance).

5. Bronze and Silver leagues
What’s the point in Bronze or Silver players at the moment seriously? Yeah you can throw one or two in a gold team, and take your chances in the gold cup or the lower divisions of online seasons, but where do you find a fair game with a full bronze or silver squads. Get past the first round in the bronze cup and you’ll never find a quarter or semi past the first two weeks of release. Now two months on, I can’t even find a single match where I don’t have to give up a least a star rating. The solution? Add a separate league for bronze and silver teams. Doesn’t have to be 10 divisions, 5 would be perfectly fine. Add coin rewards like in the main divisions and it’ll get people using their bronze teams again and opening more bronze and silver packs.

A mutual abandon game option
Ever entered a game and found it to be unbearably laggy? That’s happened to me countless time, despite what the connection bar says at the start of the game. But once you’re in the game what can you do? You can’t quit because you’ll earn a loss and wreck your DNF. Especially playing divisions, this might be the final game you need to win promotion or avoid relegation, you don’t want to quit and lose 3 points on your final game, but at the same time who wants to wade through terrible crippling lag, where the game just isn’t playable. A mutual quit button doesn’t take much, if both players accept the game is not tenable, then you both leave the game as if it was never played. No point won or lost, the game never happened. Obviously this only needs to be available for the first 10 minutes on in game time to avoid people attempting to chicken out of a fair 3-0 lost in the 88 minute.

Better Packs
Packs are an issue in this game. The way that issue is solved? Coin buying. But obviously this goes against the EA terms of service, and can ultimately lead to you being banned from EA’s Origin system and losing all your players and record. Coin buying is only an issue because packs are of such little value. The vast majority of packs of worthless, you can spend 20 pounds and receive absolutely nothing, the same amount of money can get you around 500k of coins from coinsellers, with which you could build a brilliant team. EA either need to higher the chances of pulling 84+ rated players, or they need to lower the prices of packs to make them more worthwhile.

Loan System
The loan system EA implemented the season was a great idea on paper but needs to go a little further in the next iteration. The EA catalogue isn’t updated as frequently as it should be. On PES 15 there’s new loanee’s everyday. EA should be changing it up on a weekly basis, and for those of us that perhaps changed systems or are new to the FIFA experience, a free loanee every week, like the one you get on first playing, would be a welcome addition.

Rewards for collecting
At the current moment, badges, kits, staff, balls, most of these items have no real value. Yeah you may spend 200 coins to wear your favourite team’s kit, or to have a badge with a lion on it, but beyond that they are useless. If EA adds some sort of incentive for collecting these kits, maybe a special untradable player, or kit for your favourite team, even just a different colour for the background of your players. In the same way you see calling calls in Call of Duty, or camos on weapons. Add rewards for collecting or for achieving certain stats in game.

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