Dead Rising 2 Review

Tired of gloomy, dire, and dull end of the world scenario’s? Want a cheesy, funny and light hearted apocalypse? Dead Rising 2 might be for you.

Dead Rising 2 is a fun game. That’s impossible to deny. It’s creative, the mechanic’s fundamentally work, the characters are varied and hilarious but the game is plagued  at times with various issues, that take away some of the joy you get from playing the game and can try your patience at times. The premise of the game is simple, it’s to kill zombies. Sure there’s a story to follow, bad guys to kill, people to save etc etc, but 99% of your time will be spent bashing heads of zombies with lightsabers, toy helicopters and flaming boxing gloves. Well no not really, occasionally you’ll use those weapons, for a laugh, but mainly, you’ll use the tried and tested baseball bat with nails. You find the weapons that are most effective and generally stick to those. The baseball bat clears multiple zombies and you’ll find it directly outside the safe house so that’ll be your go to zombie killer.

Combo weapons are great to make and try, but are mainly a novelty. The main reason for this being the time constraints the game forces on the player. The story dictates that you complete certain tasks within a time frame.

dead risng 2

Generally you don’t get a great amount of time to do everything. There are many survivors you are tasked to find, and psychopaths to kill and you won’t have time to find them all. These side quests are the highlight of the game, these little sequences are weird and wonderful even if they all amount to pretty much taxiing quests and mini boss fights. It does provide the game with replay value, but it also means that if you want to see all you can, you can’t go around messing with toys, despite how fun it is. There’s also the fact that these side quests provides huge bonuses for leveling up. So to ignore them would mean you have a very difficult time of finishing the game, despite this being offset by small experience points for using combo weapons.

Dead Rising is an arcade style game, points, timer’s etc, but as well as being a nice throwback, it’s archaic. Save points are very sparse in the game. though they are present during big plot points, most of the time, especially on side missions, they are few and far between. With no auto-save, it can mean a lot of replaying if you fail. Loads times are also a low point for the game. The map of the game isn’t huge, but there’s long load times with each new area which disconnects the player from the world.

More voice acting would have been welcome. The only side mission’s that get voice acting are the psychopath encounters, and one or two other rescue missions, which is a misstep because some of the dialogue in the random encounters is very very funny.  Furthermore, the timer on the game is restrictive and easily cuts off many hours of potential play. In the last hour before a main missions you’ll find yourself waiting out the time in the safe house with nothing to do.

It seems like a lot of complaints but Dead Rising 2 is a great game at its core. These issue’s greatly hold it back and stop it becoming something special, but that doesn’t mean its not worth your time. Because bonking a zombie with a purple dildo is a good time in any language.




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