Recent Film Thoughts

Just a quick blog of my thoughts on some of the recent releases on the big screen.

Amazing Spider-man 2

Remaking Spider-man never made sense to me. I’m not against remakes, I think it can be good to revisit iconic characters, reinvent them. But I think what’s lacking in the Amazing Spider-man is the lack of reinvention. The first Amazing Spider-man just explored the origin story we already heard just 10 years previously. There was a distinct lack of change which continues to plague the series. I think whenever you reboot a series, there needs to be a distinct change, and that’s even more important when you’re rebooting so close to the first series. I think DC are doing the right thing with Batman under the circumstances, for example. I was never for rebooting Batman so soon. Its impossible to top what Christopher Nolan has done with his three films. But at least in rebooting it they are exploring a new angle with the Superman vs Batman film.

Onto the Amazing Spider-Man 2, despite the running sense of deja vu in the film, there is some likable moments. I think both the villains are fairly strong in this, Harry Osborn especially, is menacing and believable. He has an element of likability to him, that James Franco’s portrayal never seemed to muster. Jamie Fox as Electro is convincing, if not very cheesy (the score adds to this, it feels very odd and out of place) .  And although I like Andrew Garfield as an actor, his work in Boy A, Never Let Me Go and The Social Network create an impressive resume, I don’t think he works as Spider-man. It’s not necessarily his fault. It’s more to do with the writing. Spider-man is by nature brash, witty, young, and I see they are trying to access that area of his character, but it comes across more smug and snotty. I also think his relationship win Gwen Stacy lacks real chemistry that was present in the previous series. Overall its watchable and its fun. It not a bad film. Its more then accessible but I just feel it lets the Spider-man name down a bit.



A film I went into blind but came out bowled over. Its billed as a black comedy, probably to avoid the religious drama tag, but its definitely more dark then light. It deals with heavy themes, with a midas touch. In its moments its very funny. The performances are all strong, Brendan Gleeson as always is untouchable, the past of his character is always etched on his face, and he keeps you drawn in as his character goes through all the emotional stages that his alleged coming death brings about. The supporting cast are also all excellent, they all leave a strong impression on you as you leave. Simply put, its a film you must watch.



A film that takes place entirely place in a car, with one visible actor is a hard sell. But Locke is certainly worth the admission. Locke is a tense and powerful. Tom Hardy’s character is brutal and yet fragile, his carefully set up life begins to unravel but his stoicism makes him relatable and strong. Ivan Locke as a character is someone you want to see more of, you get the impression he should be an international spy not a construction manager. The only issue I had with the film is Tom Hardy’s accent. I spent a good portion of the film trying to figure out where he was meant to be from, Wales? South Africa? Mars? It can be a little distracting, but it shouldn’t put you off.



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