Retro Revisit: Red Faction 2 Part 2

Part two of my blog on Red Faction 2. Retro revisit sounds so much better I think.

I played another 2 levels of Red Faction 2 and delved deeper into the issues and surprises of the game. First of all I encountered the weapon imbalance in further. Not only are the rocket launcher weapons the primary choice weapons, everything else is vastly underpowered. Anything semi-automatic is useless essentially, and even the automatic weapons can be difficult to use. The enemies have started to move around, which they didn’t in the first level, which makes the game slightly more challenging, but its the bullet sponging that’s most frustrating. It creates a great imbalance, one minute you are running through the game destroying everything in sight with one blast from a rocket launcher or laser gun, then you are chasing a single any in a roundabout while he takes more bullets then space on his body.

The third level was an on-rails flight gunner section that was generally quite fun, mainly because of unlimited grenade launchers. Its simple fun. it lingers a little too long in some sections but its a welcomed break from the running and gunning of the previous two levels. The introduction of aliens or zombies, or whatever they are seemed a little odd, a little out of the blue and somewhat understated. We’ll have to see how this develops in the next level, entitled “underground”. I tend to associate, underground or sewer levels, with horror sections of games. I remember fondly the level in Resistance: Fall of Man, that took place in a Russian bomb shelter or underground network, being very tense and introducing more of the terrifying enemy designs. So I’m expecting a battle with monsters to adorn level 4.


One thing I’d forgotten about was how funny Red Faction 2 can be. NPC explaining their fumbling about in the closets, and tv reporters baiting you live as you storm their building. Continuing even after you shoot the camera.

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